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Welcome to the new Silent Spirits website.

All information wrote by ->SS<-Raziel. Site provided by Daedalus.
If you wish to ask him to help you here's his e-mail
thank you and i want to thank him VERY much for doing this site for me Cheers Ste :)

Well since SS is a new clan it seems to be doing good already we have quite a lot of members
and so far we have had no challenges from other clans. SS seems to be doing really good at
the momemt since we have been playing WWII all the time more and more peaple are joining
the ->SS<- Server and well "Meeting" us. We have faced a few clans called TR and RFKA and
RFSU well RFSU are our allies and it is owned by Nemesis(more info on links).

Here you can download the famous RFSU maps if you click on the Maps link it will take you there.
There are a few more maps on that site too since we nealry always play on WWII i have put the
map on there too for you peaple to get it and maybe challenge us.

You can also look at the members page to see the members info and leaders of SS.
We are still looking for more memebers to add to the SS team and if you are willing
enough to join please e-mail any of these 2 e-mails this is Raziel leader of SS or Co-Leader of SS thankyou.

We are linked with another clan that is owned by Nemesis it is called RFSU
(Red Faction Special Unit) there are a very good clan there webiste is on links.
We will soon be having more links on this page when i get them that is so for
now we have the RFSU link so enjoy.

We have a few number of allies in SS we have RFSU a great clan and my old clan that
is and also we have :) weired name but there called Smiley Face and we have
TRoopers you will see these as *TR* thankyou.

The Mods section will be moved into the Maps sesction of the site.
It will include "The Hive" Mod and a few more.